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DZOIC Handshakes OpenSocial Plugin turns your social networking site into a full featured Open Social container, just like MySpace, Hi5, Orkut, Friendster, Ning, Yahoo! and others. It will allow your users to import and use Open Social Gadgets - many thousands at the moment.

You can read more about Open Social here:

Key Features:

  • admin can add any gadget from any other container by entering special Gadget XML URL. Gadget info, such as title, description, thumbnail and screenshot will be grabbed and stored in the DB automatically
  • admin can allow users to add their own gadgets also and approve/delete them from admin console
  • admin can edit gadget properties (title, description, thumbnail, screenshot, etc.)
  • admin manage gadget categories (rename, sort) and define gadgets into those categories
  • members are able to "install" or "uninstall" gadget - add or remove it from "My Gadgets" list
  • members can choose which gadgets they want add to their profiles

Requires latest version of DZOIC Handshakes and some special system requirements.

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