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Askme Pro Review

Askme Pro Review
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1.0 (1)

Product Info

Product Name: AskMe Pro
Vendor: AlstraSoft
Code Ownership: 100% Open Source
Visit Website:
Pricing Plan: $99.99

Core Features

Profiles: Yes
Friends: Yes
Music/audio: No
Forums/Messageboards: Yes
Messaging: Yes

System Requirements

MySQL (version 3.23 or higher)
MYSQL database
PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher)

AskMe Pro is an expert knowledge management system that allows site owners to setup an expert advice service similar to highly popular sites like   Google Answers,  Yahoo Answers and The reason why these expert advice sites are gaining huge popularity is because such online sources allows a web user to ask questions and get answers from  REAL and EXPERIENCE people. Web users can ask questions on any topic with experts that are able to assist them and share what they know in the related fields of expertise.

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Quality of Customer Service:
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Doesn´t work, no support, very very poor

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User Friendlyness:
Quality of Customer Service:
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Reviewed by alerma
February 03, 2012
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The script doesn´t work. No support staff to answer emails and tickets. No answer the phone. No forum support. No updates since 2003. The script is the compilate of other scripts (I don´t know about copyrights)... No way to live support (In the company website offers that, but NEVER are online).


A lot of sql injection vulnerabilities (profile.php, and forum_answer.php) --- you can check: type on google askmepro vulnerabilities.

No more to say...very very disappointed

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