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Pointter Review

Pointter Review
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Product Info

Product Name: Pointter
Vendor: PangramSoft
Code Ownership: Limited Ownership
Visit Website:
Pricing Plan: $149

Core Features

Profiles: Yes
Profile Customization: Yes
Member Potraits/Avatars: Yes
Friends: Yes
Blogging: Yes
Messaging: Yes
RSS Import/export: Yes
Search: Yes
Events/calendar: Yes

System Requirements

Unix Linux Apache Server*
PHP 4.4.0 And Higher
MySQL 4.1.2 And Higher
Fopen, Fread, PHP Mail Functions Should Be Valid
Register_globals Must Be Off

POINTTER is a PHP-based social network platform that lets you create a mictro blogging website. Pointter has all the common features like creating / updating an account, uploading photos for the album / making comments, sending and receiving messages, creating and replying blogs, creating / categorizing plans etc. Pointter has unique features like live events module, a real-time weather channel that shows the actual weather information for around 200 countries and 400 cities, ability to create RSS channels and broadcast these to their users by built-in RSS Feed Reader. Pointter also has an advanced admin panel with template changer, SEO tools, code edit of footer and header files, change of background colour or background picture and upload a banner, ability to create custom polls.

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