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Product Name: MarkIt
Vendor: Agriya
Code Ownership: Limited Ownership
Visit Website:
Pricing Plan: $87

MarkIt is a social bookmarking script that enables you to build an effective social bookmarking site in any niche or broad market, for users with bookmark sharing and private options.

Users can utilize the bookmarking service to save, share and categorize all their favorite sites. Users can categorize their favorites and retrieve them with ease. Every time they add a favorite, the site will be updated with tagged content and the site will gain a steady train of traffic. The traffic will grow and keep growing, creating a tremendous asset for you

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When selecting to buy a script, we advise you to check three things:

- Open source social networking script?

This means that you'll be able to hire someone to change and customize the site if needed. If the source code is not open, they won't grant you access to the code and no changes will be possible.

- do you have to pay a monthly or yearly licence for the script updates?

Be careful not to fall into the trap of buying a cheap social networking script with huge "update" subscription fees.

- is their an active support community in case you have troubles with your script?

Almways make sure they have a community forum where you see they answer customers' problems.