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Everyone knows Facebook, MySpace, Linkedln...When people hear "social network", these are usually the sites they think of first.  Wouldn't you just love to own a website like that? Well, let's be honest.  It could happen, but it "ain't gonna happen" very likely. Let me give you some inspiration for some social networking websites that would work however. All you need is some guts, determination and a small budget for marketing purposes. All of these ideas are very niche specific. Take them and enjoy them...and feel free to contact me if you need some assistance.

Medical Niche Idea:  "Just Have to stay awake"

Insomnia communities have been around since the creation of yahoo, since mIRC, or other community sites. The idea stays great. The horrible thing about insomnia is that someone who isn't an insomniac just doesn't get it. If you're an insomniac yourself, you'll know what I mean. If you're not, watch the beginning of the movie "fight club" to get an idea of how horrendous it is. Insomnia is not something that is widely understood, but seems to have more and more sufferers these days. A lot of people could benefit from being in contact with others who share the same problem. Medical problems are usually the type of things people don't throw into the open.  They can't talk about it on facebook, or myspace, because it is not something they wish everyone to know about.  That is exactly why it is a such a great niche to create a separate social networking site for...

In a nutshell, you could create a community for insomniacs, where they can discuss the problems it creates for them, discuss interesting documentaries and books, etc.  The "what are you doing now" function could be replaced by "how many hours have you been awake"....That idea by itself would create a buzz.

You could use your members list to sell them insomnia related products and books, workshops, or anything related to insomnia. You could also use Adsense for this niche. Marketing the site could be done by targeting existing sites by linking back to your site, and putting solid informative content onto the site to attract the search engines and to encourage visitors to keep coming back.

Office management Niche Idea : “An employee’s life”

If there is one thing young and beginning first line managers and office managers talk about, it's their staff.  Things their employees and subordinates get up to, things they do well, who's sleeping with who, etc.  Problem is, most of them can't do this at home as their partner doesn't have "people management" to deal with in their line of work, and they certainly can't do it on public sites such as facebook or myspace in fear of getting serious issues with the companies they work for.

Another thing to bear in mind, is the lack of training and support that is still widespread in a lot of companies related to the subject of how to manage an office. I've personally been in an office environment for the last 6 years, and received a management function at a very early age.  I didn't have any training and I can assure you I didn't have the faintest idea of what I was doing.  I ended up improving my people management skills by experience, and by looking for people to talk to and share my experiences with.

Building a community site with knowledge on people management, project management, etc, where people can share experiences and help each other out is attractive for so many reasons. You could build wiki's on specific subjects, or give people opportunity to get to know other "managers" for networking purposes…

You could make money from it by including Adsense, but also by promoting recruitment sites...The great potential of this niche is that if it takes off, you could make part of the website available on a subscription basis. You'll build up a knowledge base and a community worth giving any consultancy company a serious run for their money!

The important thing to bear in mind, is that it doesn't matter which niche you take.  Whether the theme is office management, insomnia, or a passion for holidays in Tuscany (ferienhaus Toskana -  in german - isn't that smart?)... It is completely wrong that you need a "brilliant innovating idea" to start a great website or any company for that matter.  What you need to do, is execute whatever it is you do in a brilliant manner - and learn from your competitors and try to beat them on the way. You can have the best idea in the world and still end up empty handed if you don’t get the basics right.

The reason I'm giving you these ideas, is quite simply because I want you to understand that they are everywhere. What makes ideas for social networking sites succeed and become reality, depends on much more than the quality of the ideas. You'll need a marketing plan, and some really good software for the website. If your website blocks you because of the lack of flexibility, you won't get very far. You'll need a dyamic, robust, proven social networking software solution - on which you can build in the future.

Good luck!



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